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Lil Flower Paintings

Another collection of Lil Flower Paintings! I had a lot of fun creating the last ones and decided to do another set. Very grateful that a lot of people enjoyed these as much and I have. I developed this second set with things in mind that I was not thinking of the first time around. This series is very love based and most of the pieces were inspired by my favorite love films of all time.

I decided to share this second set of paintings today specifically on the wave of love, with my parents celebrating their 29th wedding anniversary. I am grateful to have been able to witness a marriage that exists like any other, but has lasted as long as I have been alive. Many people do not get to experience relationships up close in this capacity and I feel it is an integral part of who I am, why I am so obsessed with that "happy ending," and why I have such undying hope for love that is healthy and stands the test of time. Many things I do, especially from a creative lens is inspired by these feelings and the very intrinsic human characteristic of belonging and companionship. I hope you all enjoy this collection, this trip down memory lane, and this space to reflect in everlasting love.

I used their wedding colors in a couple of the paintings. Check out the rest of the collection below! Let's toast to love.

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