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Introducing: Bri and 20SUMNS

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

My name is Bri and I am so grateful that you have stumbled here. I have long had an interest in blogging and started my first one back in 2012. It's really the documenting and sharing of experiences that I have always gravitated towards. First blog Bri is pictured below!

Recently, I decided to start this section of my blog (20SUMNS) simply because of the many experiences I have had in my twenties in the realm of dating. I went on my very first date in 2014 at the tender age of twenty and now, as I'm swiftly approaching twenty-nine (the end of a golden era), I feel the need to reminisce on and share the many lessons God has attempted to teach me. I’ve also found how much these experiences have been shaping my art practice and wanted to share that too.

Name any type of man, I've dated him. I will not embarrass myself with even a guess of the number of dates I have been on, but it has been plenty and I consider myself a professional dater. A serial situationshiptress. I am ready to walk in my truth as the quintessential hopeless romantic Libra that I am. Craver of beauty and harmony, a lover of love who is willing to share her many wins and losses in the quest for healthy and long-lasting companionship.

This is not a blog that bashes anyone, including myself. I am not sharing my stories for revenge (any mentioned names are fake). I am not sharing my stories to heal or to seek sympathy. I want no pity and rarely pity myself when I think back on all of the things I have experienced. All the situations that at the time left me heartbroken. I have learned so much and am continuing to learn every day and feel that maybe if I was 20, reading about the patterns and actions of people, men and women alike (because I am equally one to blame in a lot of my misfortunes) I could have identified them easier, been more self aware, made more informed decisions. Any person needing any additional insight on dating and love, I hope that maybe at some point, they find it here. I am simply here to entertain, to plant seeds. Give people any piece of energy through my words and musings to overcome fear and act on what they already know. Increase positivity in dating amongst 20 somethings, especially in Atlanta. Create more "connoisseurs of all matters of the heart" if you will. We could all use a little more love and give a little more grace to everyone, but especially to ourselves.

This is who I do it for.

Let's toast to love🤎

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