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Gallery Walls

Updated: Mar 23

I find solace in creating these busy, but intentional spaces. They bring me joy and I remember how long I would just sit back and stare at the first one I created by myself in 2017. All the reminders that really just said “home” to me. These walls became synonymous with my peace, especially since my life as a teacher was so chaotic at the time. I’ve created one just about every year since.

Moving to my first place on my own in 2018, I knew I needed another wall, but didn’t have as much wall space to work with. I did what I could and what I still found to be purposeful. Something nice to look at, a conversation starter, subtle reminders, and just a way to make the space I was in feel like Bri.




Now my latest was my most thoughtful. I actually had a theme in mind for color and frames (since I started working in the custom framing department in Michaels). I had a lot more work from friends, myself, and other admired artists that I was proud to display and with much more creativity in framing I had so many new and different ideas for displaying work and vinyl covers I've had for so long.

Would love to know which year is your favorite? Here is a collab I've done on a wall that I loved. Interested in collaborating with me on a wall of your own? Let me know in my commissions request form and we can for sure get it poppin.

As always,

Let's toast to gallery walls...and love.

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