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A Collaboration with The Kendra Collective

My long time best friend reached out for some artistic hands in creating for her new home! She wanted panels that repeated patterns of some of the furniture throughout her home, which I thought was a cool idea. A few days of planning and a few days of painting and we were able to create some really dope pieces that brought her space together. Details of each project we worked on together are detailed below.

Marimekko Inspired Bedroom Panels

We created some bedroom panels that matched her Marimekko sheets. Here is how the final look came together. We bought 12x36 inch panels and I sketched out some of the similar shapes and flowers from her duvet. After the sketching, Kendra and I just filled them in with my favorite acrylic paints.

Faux Cowhide Rug

I also worked on some decorative panels for her living space. She wanted some of the patterns in her furniture repeated with some square accent pieces. We did a replica of her cowhide statement rug on a 12x12 canvas.

Goodwill Bar Stool

I painted another one for her that copied the pattern of her bar stools, which she thrifted! A real funky circular pattern that has a beautiful olive color that really pops and adds a lot of lively energy to any space she puts it in.

I had so much fun working with The Kendra Collective to create a home collection that was unique to her and made her space really HERS. Looking for a similar project? Fill out my commission request form and let me know what you're thinking. I'm sure we can make magic happen.

Let's collab!

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