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20SUMNS: Introducing Demarcus (Part 2)

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

YES, I agreed to another date with the nigga. Don't come for me. We had a lot in common and after reconciling on the alcohol, bag, car issue I felt like we could continue...

I went to his place for dinner. Now mind you, I had dropped him off after the drive-in, so I had his address. I texted him I was on the way, pulled up, and when I got to his place I rang the doorbell...

His roommate answered the door, with some nunchucks (I kid you the fuck not). Demarcus was very upset that I came to his door. Said I should have waited in my car for him to come get me, so things were awkward as hell from jump. We got over that (yet another) barrier. Once he calmed down from being upset that I knocked on his door, we had the dinner he prepared for us...Trash.

Let me say this...If you, a "grown" adult suggests cooking for another adult, microwave food is unacceptable. But any who, we started watching a movie in his room and again, things got a lil frisky, a lil flirty, and then I had to use the restroom. Now this was at the height of my smoking days, so I was blowed. I got up to use his restroom and when I did he said, "watch for critters." Being high, I thought nothing of it. Y'all, when I went into his bathroom...lmfao.


I was really beside myself. I turned the light on and HELLA BABY roaches scattered. I was shook, but I was also high as hell, so all I could do was hold in my scream and laugh to keep from crying because I felt like I was in an episode of Tom and Jerry.

They were on the sink, the floor, the TOILET paper. I could not. I did not know what to do when I returned to his room. I acted like things were cool and continued to watch the movie with him, but things popped off again and to make a VERY long story short, we got into yet another fight and at that point I was done with friend. When I opened his door to leave, his roommate was outside the door listening to the argument, and that got friend ready to fight. Him and his roommate start to get into it and I started to get the fuck on. I don't have time. A few days later, I broke things off completely...but my questions: What would you have done? Would you have made an excuse to leave? Been honest and said the roaches escorted you out? Or been a way too nice lil thing (like me) and tried to pretend there wasn't an issue? I shouldn't have even seen him again after the car, alcohol, bag, incident but again, a reoccurring theme in my stories..I am hard-headed and lack boundaries so...Wrapping up this dating story, I never want to judge a person's situation, but I know if I had a roach infestation, I would not be hosting guests.

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