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20SUMNS: Introducing Demarcus (Part 1)

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

He slid in my DMs on IG. Told me I was interesting, beautiful and that he wanted to get to know me. We soon found we had the exact same birthday. He's my husband, right?

We went on our first date, a lunch date in Little 5 Points and it was grand. Great conversation, a cutie, and he smelled heavenly. Of course, we can get a 2nd date poppin. Our second date was to the drive-in theater. Now, I meet him in Little 5 again and soon realize he does not have a car. Not a deal breaker for me at the time. We go to the drive-in in mine. No biggie. Again, great conversation and some very sweet kisses, but now our night has come to a close and homeboy with no wheels has to get home. He informs me he lives in Stone Mountain. A 30 min drive from where we are and another 30 min drive from my home...and he EXPECTS a ride from me. My God, my God, but that's not even where the nonsense begins. We have hotboxed the fuck out of my car AND have been drinking (Jameson) and THIS is where the nonsense begins...

I ask him to put his bag with the half drank bottles in my trunk. I am driving. It is very late/ early in the morning, my car reeks, and I am NOT tryna get caught up. This was a problem for him.

He does not want to put his bag in my trunk. Feels like he doesn't have to, and feels its a "red flag" that I am insisting he does. (Red flag in being controlling/demanding) I am too nice. He convinces me they can not search him if we got pulled over. (Can anyone confirm this? Because I for sure thought my car smelling like weed was enough probable cause for a search, but I was not for certain so...)We have AT LEAST an hour long back and forth about him putting his OPEN CONTAINERS in my trunk. (I have had run ins with the police while under the influence, these are experiences I wish to not relive and thus the reason I am so adamant about not having the liquor in my vehicle.) I was over it after a certain point. He kept his bag. I took him home. Who was trippin? I will continue this story later...

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