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20SUMNS: 25 First Dates in 2021 to One Date in 2022...Here's What I Learned

After a very tumultuous relationship that ended in 2020, I moved back to Atlanta and was ready to mix and mingle again right when 2021 started. I was on all of the apps and going out (as much as one could) during the year. I went on approximately 25 first dates according to my recollections of 2021. I decided to shoot my shot at the very beginning of 2022 and though we ultimately ended up not working out, dating only him and myself for a year was positive beyond measure. I am hoping to blend the experiences of these two years to have a year of healthy love in 2023. Here are some thoughts and reminders heading into the new year.

  1. Humans have problems. People are going through so much that interferes so heavily with dating. Being ghosted, being treated weird, being someone's project are all things I experienced and most times these actions were inexplainable. We have to work on collecting ourselves and being aware enough to get US together before we move into a partnership.

  2. Being honest with YOURSELF is the most important part of dating. You already know what's up. LISTEN to your gut. Leave even if you don't have all the reasons. Save yourself the time.

  3. The ups and downs are what make life and dating interesting and fun. There is no sun without rain. There is no light without darkness. A potential partnership failing is just an opportunity to fine tune what you're looking for and who knows a door closing now does not have to mean it is closed for ever. Life is serendipitous and changes in a moment. Hope can be fleeting, like with everything that is natural, but never lose it completely.

  4. Majority of the people you meet are not going to be your partner. It's going to be easier to realize someone isn't for you. To find someone with commonalities, who understands YOU is not easy to come by.

  5. Dating is easier offline. (More depth as to why.)

I look forward to sharing more of my stories and adventures in dating. Life lessons galore! Thank you for being here, for indulging, for engaging. Let's take on the new year together.

Same as every has sustained me. Here is a short little Lover Girl playlist to get you in the mood to love.

Let's toast to love.

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